Predators (2018-2020)

Hollywood Bowl Psycho Pocket Mouse
Boeing Union Bank (The Castle and the Saltbox) Casa de Cadillac
Parisian Room Burrowing Owl Baby
Sears Parking Lot, Hollywood Park Rooster
Heron Skunk Felix Chevrolet
Predators (2017-2018)

Albino Mantis, Bradbury Building Wilshire Boulevard Looking East Cat, Union Station
Rabbit, Herald Examiner Opossum, Figueroa Street Tunnel Fly, Downtown Bus Depot
Venice Rec Center Marcel Bronson Gate, Paramount Pictures
Predators (2016-2017)

Raven Night, Panorama City Bat
August 11, 1965 1727 E. 107th Street Coyote, Baldwin Hills
Raven, Griffith Park Deer, Pacific Ocean Park Night
Water Towers (2014-2015)

Bell Gardens Monrovia Water Tower 1
Arcadia Atwater El Segundo
Water Tower 2 Edendale Artesia
Bones of the City (2013-2015)

Vermont Avenue Fairfax Val D'Amour
Outpost Normandie Arlington Avenue
Virgil Avenue Orbachs The La Salle
Rubble (2011-2013)

Wee Beastie Stanstead The Thing in the Forest
Wall Citrine (2) Barre
The Great Carbuncle Ironton Madeira
Memorials (2010-2011)

Katyn Memorial 5 Majdanek
Memorial 1 Bialowieza Memorial 3
BabiYar Naliboki Memorial 4
Sicily (2008-2010)

Franco Autunno Notte
Siracusa Boschi Marzapane
Alba Noto Selinunte
Dread Sea (2007)

Peak Sinking The Vicissitudes
Tor Detente Polaris
Unease Conundrum Cobalt Titanate